About the Artist

Alex Gall
Full-time Metal Sculptor
San Diego CA.


Alex grew up on the coast of Southern California along with generations of his family. Growing up so close to the beach, he had the pleasure of surfing and fishing almost everyday. This helped inspire his unique handmade metal sculptures and truly capture the anatomically correct frozen images of his experiences in and on the water. The story’s of Alex’s Native American heritage have always influenced him to create native themed works. As a child, he was surrounded by artists like Dali and Escher which sparked his imagination and helped him find his medium.

Creating full-time since 2015 in his Southern California industrial studio, Alex uses both modern and traditional tools and techniques needed to create and work the unforgiving metal materials. Alex is best known for his unique metal fish sculptures and native inspired pieces. Alex’s first solo exhibition “Nautical Native” in 2016 was a success and his intro into the art world. From winning awards at juried art shows, to having multiple featured public sculptures, Alex is always creating. Whether it be a sketch of a new idea, a concept for a new sculpture or welding up current works in progress. Alex truly enjoys the entire process and seeing a piece come to life from a mound of industrial material and a vision. 

His career as a professional skateboarder, which begun in his early teens, lead him to traveling extensively all around. Living in places like New York, Philadelphia, Vancouver Canada and finally LA before moving back home to San Diego, he always made time to sketch and designing something. During this time Alex also accumulated a significant amount of injuries and surgeries that eventually lead him to an early retirement. Using all that he had learned on the road while traveling, he was able to view all kinds of styles and approaches of art. 

Once he was back home in San Diego, he chose to follow his other passions full speed, just like his skating career. Painting canvas and carving different exotic woods, Alex has always had the desire to work with different mediums but after finding stainless steel and metal alloys, Alex knew he had found his home. Self taught, he uses modern and traditional metal working techniques to create his unique pieces. Using heat, hammers and all other tools needed to work the hard metal alloys. It was then that Alex fully engulfed himself in his true passion for metal and mixing modern and traditional forming techniques. 

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