Alex Gall
Full-time Artist, Metal Sculptor
San Diego CA.

Alex grew up on the coast of Southern California along with generations of his family. Coming from a long line of ocean enthusiasts and artists Alex also had a passion for the sea and spent a majority of his life in and on the water. This has highly inspired his marine influenced work and his Native American heritage inspires his native influenced pieces from medicine feathers to medicine wheels and bull skulls. All of Alex's works are unmistakably his. From the Mountains to the Ocean this is what influences Alex Galls artworks.

His career as a professional skateboarder which, begun in his teens, led him to travel extensively and soaking in the sights of each destination visited. During this time Alex also accumulated a significant amount of injuries and surgeries that eventually lead him to an early retirement. Back home in San Diego, California he chose to follow his other passions at full speed, just like his skating career.

Painting canvas and carving different exotic woods, Alex has always had a desire to create but after finding stainless steel and metal alloys, Alex knew he had found his home. Self taught he uses modern and traditional metal working tools in an unconventional manner. Creating sculptures using heat, hammers and all other tools needed to work the unforgiving material. He really enjoys everything about creating a piece of art from a mound of steel and a vision. Whether it be his or someone else's. Inspired by The Sea Alex prides himself on making anatomically correct marine art pieces and his Native American heritage inspires his Native themed work.

“My hopes are to bring attention to the things that inspire me most, The Earth and all that live and swim in it. No matter how far from an ocean you may live, it affects us and we affect it." Alex Gall

​Recent Juried Exhibitions and Shows
- 2017 - Group Exhibition - SC Art Collective - San Clamente CA
- 2016 - Contemporary Realism, Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery, Escondido CA
- 2016 - Sculpture group show, COAL Art Gallery, Carlsbad CA
- 2016 - Solo Exhibition, "Nautical Native Show", Art Beat On Main Street Art Gallery, Vista CA
- 2016 - Vista Civic Center, Group Show - Vista CA
- 2016 - The Green Show - Art Beat On Main Street, group show , Vista CA

Public art
- 2019 Kites over Vista public arts program. Juried. Vista CA
- 2018 - Kites Over Vista public arts program. Juried, Vista CA.
- 2017 - Carlsbad public arts commission, Collaboration and interactive sculpture/mural, Carlsbad CA.
- 2016 - Kites Over Vista public arts program, Juried, Vista CA.

- Honorable Mention Award in Contemporary Realism, Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery – May 2016
- 3rd place Award in Sculpture from COAL Art Gallery, in Carlsbad CA – May 2016
- 1st place in Sculpture, COAL Art Gallery - Nov 2016


- Brandon Gallery, Fallbrook CA
- Afishinados Gallery, Avalon CA
- Oceanside Sea Center - Marine research, Education & Adventure, Oceanside CA

Professional Experience
2000 - Current - Artist, Metal Sculptor, Acrylic on canvas, Creative maker, MIG welding, TIG welding, Metal forming, Wood work, CAD design, CNC Machinist, Public Art Installations
1995 - 2004 - Professional Skateboarder/Athlete, Artist, Creative

Web Sites
- www.gallartworks.com
- Instagram: @GallArtworks
- Facebook: @GallArtworks