About the Artist

Alex Gall
Full-time artist, Metal Sculptor
San Diego CA.

Alex grew up on the coast of Southern California along with generations of his family. Growing up in southern California he spent most of his time in and on the water. This helped engrain and inspire his subject matter to create unique handmade metal sculptures, frozen images of his experiences in and on the water. The stories of Alex’s Native American heritage have also influenced him to create Native themed artworks. As a child, he was surrounded by artists in the home like Salvador Dali, MC Escher and many more which sparked his imagination and helped him find his medium.

Creating full-time since 2015 in his Southern California industrial studio, Alex uses both modern and traditional tools and techniques needed to create and work the unforgiving materials. It all starts with an idea and a sketch, after that he uses CAD design to go from a maquette to completed large scale sculptures.

His career as a professional skateboarder, which begun in his early teens, lead him to traveling extensively. Living in places like New York, Philadelphia, Vancouver Canada and finally LA before moving back home to San Diego, he always made time to sketch and design ideas. During this time Alex also accumulated a significant number of injuries and surgeries that eventually lead him to an early retirement. Using all that he had learned on the road while traveling, he was able to view all kinds of styles and approaches of art. 

Alex’s first solo exhibition “Nautical Native” in 2016 was a success and paved his intro into the art world. From winning awards at juried art shows, to having multiple featured and permanent public sculptures, Alex is always creating. Whether it be a sketch of a new idea, a concept for a new sculpture or welding up current works in progress. Alex truly enjoys the entire process of seeing a piece come to life from a mound of raw industrial materials and a vision.

Web Sites

- Instagram: @GallArtworks
- Facebook: @Gallartworks
- YouTube: Gall Artworks